We’re GlobalMark Capital Consulting Limited

GlobalMark Capital

is a Business, Financial and Management Consulting Firm. We are Professional Service Organization which provides top-notch Consulting, Training, Advisory, Coaching and Mentoring Services in the areas of Business, Banking, Finance and Management. We work with clients to strategically position them for business success so that they will continually deliver superior value to their stakeholders.

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Our Mandate/Value Proposition

  • To Develop Human Capital For Organizational Competitive Edge, Superior Performance And Visible Impact In The Local And Global Environment.
  • To Activate And Develop Entrepreneurial Business Skills For Individuals, Students, Retired/Retiring Workers, Existing And Aspiring Entrepreneurs For Starting, Running and Management of Small, Medium & Large Business Enterprises.
  • To Develop Leadership Skills For Individuals, Corporate And Government Institutions.
  • To Expose Our Clients To Ample Business Opportunities In Agribusiness Value Chain.
  • To Provide Market Linkages And Partnerships For Agribusiness Value Chain.
  • To Work With Our Clients To Strategically Position Them For Business Success So That They Will Continually Deliver Superior Value To Their Stakeholders.
  • To Assist Our Clients On How To Improve Their Business/Organizational Financial Bottom-Line.
  • To Provide Corporate & Business Strategies & Advices For Business Turnaround And Management For Failing/Failed Businesses.
  • To Help Our Client Organizations Develop Corporate & Business Strategies for Their Businesses.
  • To Provide Financial Intermediation Between Our Clients And Their Financial Institutions For All Financial Matters (Money & Investment Management, Borrowing, Bank Statement Reconciliations, Corporate Funding Sourcing, Etc.).
  • To Provide Periodic Reviews on Economic, Financial And Industrial Matters To Our Corporate Clients As It Affects Their Businesses.
  • To Help Our Clients Solve Business, Management and Financial Issues, Create Value, Maximize Growth and Improve Business Performances through Our Professional Advices.
  • Our Mission

    To deliver exceptional value services and solutions which makes our clients succeed, and to build a great firm that attracts, develops and retain exceptional people.

    Our Vision

    To strive for excellence and delight our clients in everything we do.

    Management Team

    The Management Team of the Company is headed by Dr. Yusuf O. Muhammed who is currently the Managing Director/Chief Operating Officer of the Company. Dr. Yusuf O.Muhammed is a banker, financial analyst, credit management professional, motivational speaker and top-notch financial expert.

    Dr. Yusuf O. Muhammed has had successful working career in banks for twenty-three (23) years where he worked in three (3) banks. During his working career in banks, he worked in various departments such as domestic operations, international operations, treasury operations, financial control, branch operations, customer services, risk management, corporate finance, corporate banking, cash management, agribusiness finance, etc.

    Dr. Yusuf O. Muhammed currently holds degrees in Finance & Financial Law (UK), Banking & Finance (Nig), Credit Management (UK) and Business Administration (Nig). He also holds several professional qualifications (mostly at Fellowship Membership) in Accounting, Banking, Credit Management, Investment & Finance, Management, Marketing, Pension Administration, Risk Management, etc.

    Dr. Yusuf O. Muhammed (PhD, FCIB)

    Our Service Delivery Advantage

     We listen to the clients
     We assess the client’s needs
     We deliver solutions that meet client’s needs
     We go the extra-mile
     Our staff are accessible to our clients.

    Why Choice For Our Services

     The Value We Bring To Our Clients.
     Industry Knowledge We have.
     Track Record & Experience.
     Professionalism And Technical Competence.
     Dedicated and Quality Team.
     Services.
     Value for Money.